CYMOS – CY64 Mock OS

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CYMOS (formerly サカキバラUI) is a mock operating system designed for SmileBASIC.

This project was started December 26th, 2017.

There were the following versions:

  • サカキバラUI (3DS)
  • サカキバラUI: Nintendo Switch Edition
  • サカキバラUI: Python Edition
    • There's not much information available about this version. The last surviving copy is dated 16/10/2021 and 17/6/2022 for assets and the main program respectively. It's speculated the actual development time was rather short, estimated at just 1 month.
  • CYMOS (for SmileBASIC 3)

サカキバラUI: Switch Edition — History

Life span: 24/7/2020 - 28/10/2020 (4 months)

Being short and sweet, it was a disaster. I rushed the first version within 4 days that I had got my Nintendo Switch.

It didn't last very long, at all. Yes, it got killed within 4 months, due to the heavy mental pressure I had at the time from school.

I was so in distress, I wiped my save file on the Switch (and disabled cloud backup) so I don't have a backup of it anymore.

However, you can still get back to my Twitter profile and scroll all the way back to the timeframe and see the little progress I had before ultimately terminating it.

CYMOS — History

Life span: 29/1/2021 - today

CYMOS had its humble beginnings on SmileBASIC 4. Having a mock BIOS mostly finished and a bootloader that would eventually install packages too...

I got fed up with SmileBASIC 4 over the span of 2021 and moved over to make CYMOS for SmileBASIC 3 with the New Nintendo 3DS in mind, with enhancements if run on a Wii U. (If you're lucky enough to even have Petitcom BIG)

A very "proof-of-concept" version of CYMOS running in SmileBASIC 4. Glitchy graphics here and there but given a bit more features and a bit of polish, would have made it a solid first alpha release.

Note that the date shown in the video is not accurate. The files of this project are from 2021/1/11 to 2021/11/21. This proof-of-concept version on SmileBASIC 4 had a life time of 10 months, however, during this time I was quite inactive. The active development time is estimated to be only 2 months.

CYMOS on SmileBASIC 3 had a rocky start but is slowly building up.

During development of Beta 6, I started development on the CYX plugin and wanted to incorporate it into CYMOS as a kind of helper; a kind of showcase how CYX can change how SmileBASIC programs can run and what they can do. So I implemented various file-management-based features into CYX that allow reading from and writing to the SD Card as well as access to general system information.


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